Lee's Grinding, Inc. Lee's Grinding, Inc. Specializing in close-tolerance work on grinding intensive, small parts. Specializing in close-tolerance work on grinding intensive, small parts.
Certified Quality Management System to ISO 9001/AS9100
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About Us 

Our Commitment To Quality Sets Us Apart!

For 50 years, Lee’s Grinding has consistently delivered the toughest grinding jobs with amazing precision. We have built a remarkable track record for handling the most difficult projects such as grinding polygons and other non-round configurations to precision tolerances. Our unwavering dedication to quality has resulted in being granted Certified Supplier Status with several primary aerospace systems providers. This unique level of trust is a testament to the performance of our internal systems and the consistency of our quality.

Our skilled operators perform virtually continuous inspection to assure the highest level of quality with parts produced to your tolerances. What’s more, we’ve invested heavily in the latest state-of-the-art inspection equipment including some sophisticated equipment only available at Lee’s Grinding.

Today, as industry seeks a replacement for hexavalent chrome, Lee’s Grinding also offers the unique ability to grind thermal spray coated parts. Our seasoned operators have years of valuable experience at precision grinding these protective surfaces.

Over the years, our reputation for precision grinding has created a demand for machined components of equal quality. That’s why we now produce a wide variety of close-tolerance machined parts. A growing list of major manufacturers relies on Lee’s Grinding accurate machining abilities to deliver precision parts – reliably and consistently. Our fully integrated grinding and machining operations give you a single convenient source for a comprehensive range of metalworking services. But, more than making exceptional parts, we also ensure that orders are delivered on time and meet our customers’ challenging requirements.

Lee’s Grinding has always been a family-owned, family-run business. This hands-on management style has fostered a culture which insists on precision quality. And now, in our 50th year, that quality makes all the difference.


Grinding Services
Often, the grinding operation is the most critical and costly aspect of a part’s production. To ensure “grinding intensive” parts are properly prepared for the grinding operation, meet with us in the beginning stages of your design effort. Our close-tolerance grinding experience can save you time and effort in production design, set-up and even material selection.

Certified ISO 9001 / AS9100 by BVQI


Member of NTMA Precision